Every day water damages more than 100,000 Smartphones

September 22, 2017

Every day water damages more than 100,000 Smartphones

According to a recent study completed by International Data Corporation (IDC) in Western Europe*:

  • More than 100,000 smartphones get damaged by liquids every day.
  • Accidental Damage is responsible for 95% of smartphone failures.
  • Droppings on the floor and water submersion are 2 of the most common causes of smartphone damage.

On these grounds, water-resistant smartphones have become a fast-growing segment, for end users, phone manufacturers, carriers, and retailers. The interest for non-water resistant smartphones has declined 17%, while the sales of smartphones that offer protection against liquid damage have increased with 45.2%.

The negative impact of liquid damage is estimated to cost $10.7 billion a year, only in the region the study was conducted alone.

More and more phone manufacturers have started to go beyond “lower price points” and now seek to distinguish their products by upgrading user experience and waterproof features such as increased screen resistance to water exposure or shocks.

The more we use our smartphones, the more they’re exposed to the risk of being damaged. That’s why nano-technology and better industrial design add to market’s growing interest.

Rugged smartphones to the rescue!

Rugged smartphones are tackling multiple daily risks that can harm phones, including dropping the device onto concrete or into water. They have specific levels of waterproofness called IP (Ingress protection) as well as military-level built-in robustness, for instance, Mil-STD 810 G: military-level protection against falls, vibrations, humidity, air pressure and extreme temperature fluctuations. The IP68 certification stands for:

  • IP = Ingress Protection
  • 6 = MAXIMUM protection against dust/sand
  • 8 (second digit) = dropped accidentally, the mobile can soak for up to 60 minutes in 1.5-meter depth water.

Apart from this, rugged smartphones are usually equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass, making phones tougher and more able to survive accidents, by enabling higher scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, improved strength after a scratch happens, resistance to sharp contact damage and drops on rough surfaces. Gorilla Glass acts like a chemically reinforced shield that makes the glass much harsher and less stiff, compared to regular smartphones.

Now end users can forget about worrying about dropping their smartphones into water or on the ground, at their job or in their spare time (particularly if they like outdoors activities). There are many types of people who really enjoy all the advantages of rugged smartphones, including industrial workers, mechanics, constructors, sports people and travelers who have dynamic lifestyles or workstyles, while needing to stay connected.

Source: IDC website.

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