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Lone Worker Application powered by VDQ Business Solutions and RugGear Europe.

Companies are obliged to protect their employees. This is especially important for the employees, which work alone, i.e. work out of visual and voice reachability for other people. Mobile solutions are often used for such cases. The VDQ Business Solutions GmbH from Atzelgift (Germany) offers an attractive and efficient way to comply with the statutory rescue chain using the solution “Life Guard”. The application is coupled to the robust smartphone RG500 of RugGear Europe and tested according to DIN VDE V 0825-1 and DIN V VDE V 0825-11. Thus generates a safe and business-friendly Lone Worker Solution.

In many professions the staff works alone. The spectrum ranges from forestry workers, farmers to security personnel. In these cases, it is a legal requirement that the workers in an emergency can send a distress call to the responsible control center. Instead of deploying staff in the team, the staff is equipped with the RugGear RG500 including the Lone Worker application “Life Guard”.

The application
The application contains the triggering of an alarm or emergency call if certain occasion occur. These occasions are defined by the user in advance. So an alarm can be triggered, for example, if the device does not move for a certain period or falls into a certain inclination. In each case, a first pre-alarm is triggered, which must be disabled within i. e. 30 seconds. If the pre-alarm is not turned off, an emergency call goes out to the control center.

The smartphone
A device that employ Lone Worker, in addition to the “alert”, should be extremely robust and durable. The RG500 is water- and dustproof (IP68) and protected by the US military standard 810G against any microparticles, vibrations and shocks and against all temperature extremes. The powerful battery ensures a long operating time. Further advantages of the smartphone-allrounder are the SOS button and the ability to use two SIM cards.

VDQ Business Solutions GmbH and RugGear Europe offer a perfect solution for companies that have their own labor in action. “Life Guard” is BG compliant and has been tested by an independent institute.

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