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RugGear Europe and Talk-IP offer perfect communication solution

The number of push-to-talk users in the business sector increases. To optimize working and communication processes many companies use digital communications via mobile network. The company Talk-IP from Munich, which has more than 1.500 customers from the areas of security, logistics, airports, police and offices of public order, provides an application, that makes working processes easy and is worldwide the most accessible communication: push-to-talk (PTT). Coupled with the rugged outdoor smartphones by RugGear Europe, customers can benefit from a durable and modern communication tool.

The taxi industry has also discovered the benefits for the business and use PTT solution to control its vehicle fleet quickly and efficiently. The taxi company Hennermann from Kitzingen (Germany) has the modern transmission technology in use and is very satisfied. The advantage is that the central office reaches all group members at the same time and can plan the operation more quickly and accurately. Another plus: For push-to-talk the customer requires no additional device. The application is compatible with android based smartphones.

Experience shows that robust and persistent smartphones are desired for different out of office operations. For this reason, exist a collaboration between Talk-IP and the German outdoor-smartphone brand RugGear Europe. The compact smartphone RG500 is particularly in demand for customers. The impact-proof display, the GPS function and the powerful battery ensure a long and reliable use.

The smartphones of RugGear with push-to-talk solution are used also in other business areas. These include security services, police, regulatory agencies, emergency services, logistics and airport service. Everybody benefit from the durable smartphone and faster, more efficient communication. Even in free times, push-to-talk offers some advantages.

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