How PTT-enabled rugged phones simplify collaboration

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How PTT-enabled rugged phones simplify collaboration

Workers from industrial enterprises and field services rely on multiple devices on a daily basis. They often have to carry various pieces of equipment, including barcode scanners, cameras, walkie-talkies to make sure they’re connected with their colleagues at all times.

However, the introduction of real-time cloud-based communications has changed the scenario, particularly when smart and rugged handheld devices are used.

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Smart and rugged smartphones are not ONLY robust enough to face the tough environments, but they allow critical communication to happen in real-time on any weather, in any temperature and even in loud job sites. They can successfully replace all existing devices with one robust, yet modern and easy to handle device which will quickly connect all mobile workers, dispatchers, field technicians, team leaders or customers.

Rugged phones help mobile workers by:
(1) making them less prone to mistakes,
(2) making their jobs easier, and
(3) giving them a foundation to complete their tasks faster.


Paired with the right push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, rugged smartphones empower workforces and allow critical business communication, including live notifications, updates, and alerts, all received in real-time, by all members of staff, on-site or off-site.

Data collection, business analytics, and critical information are all easier to manage and share with multiple departments and staff, simplifying workforce collaboration.

As such, data analytics, business intelligence, and knowledge management will once again rise to the forefront in many organizations as they are introduced to a “new age” where data collection is facilitated and expedited; information is more readily shared among the organization’s departments and individuals; and collaboration between service, sales and manufacturing/production is fostered on a more widespread basis.

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