July 7, 2016 2015-07-Newsletter-RG-Tester_02


What happens if the RG702 crashes down in a manhole and get into lot of water and sand? New video from RugGear tester Christian L. and Rainer M.

In the new test video from our RugGear-tester Christian L. is an RG702 subjected to an endurance test. The RG702 survives a fall into a manhole and is undamaged resurfaces transported by a Rescue-Dog. The test video by Christian L. indicates that the RugGear RG702 is the perfect smartphone i. e. for ambulance service use.

As well as RugGear tester Rainer M. subjecting the RG 702 a real though test. After getting into water and sand the outdoor smartphone RG702 accompanied Rainer M. on a sumptuous surf journey.

The RG702 is protected by the US military standard 810G against all environmental influences. This includes not only drops but also vibrations and extreme temperatures (-20 to +60°C) and micro particles. In addition, the RG702 is fully waterproof to IP68, i. e. submersible for half an hour in two-meter deep water. This makes the new outdoor smartphone different from classic “splash-proof” products.

RugGear Europe guarantees drops from two meters on all surfaces and an immersion for half an hour in two-meter deep water!

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