January 17, 2017 Stefano Marrini using a RugGear device during 2017 Dakar Rally


“Hello everyone from Asuncion, today it finally begins!
Stefano Marrini, me and the whole team, are just in maximum attack, with our amazing RugGear phones and their power bank. We’ll catch up later! Vamosssssssss …” said Stefanno Rossi on 2nd of January, at the start of this year’s Dakar Rally.

As you can see in the image gallery, it all started nice and neat, but as competition went ahead, things got dusty, muddy and sandy. And an extra test: extreme temperatures. Quite a challenge for most smartphones out there. NOT for Ruggear. RG730 and RG740 were designed and built with these exact tough conditions in mind. They’re stylish smartphones, but built to last. Like in 2015, Ruggear phones proved to be a reliable companion once again, at 2017 Dakar Rally.

Stefano Marrini himself called them “indestructible”, and coming from a world-class racing pilot, there couldn’t be a greater validation of RugGear phones’ toughness. They helped Marrini and Rossi communicate with their technical crew during the race, without worrying about scratching, dropping or damaging their phones. They had more important things to focus on. When things went well, they even used them to document proper action selfies. What can be more cool than rugged Dakar Rally selfies?

The bottom line is that wherever there’s dust, wind, water, shocks and any kind of harsh outdoors conditions, a Ruggear phone in your pocket will save you from many troubles.

See for yourself in the photos below.

Congrats again for the Marrini & Rossi team! We’re looking forward to hear more legendary results from them this year.

Until then, “maximum attack!”, as they stated in the first day of the Dakar race!

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