Guide for the service processing

Service Request

If you have difficulties with the handling of your RugGear product, please take a look first of all under the Download section where you will find quick start manuals to help you.

For an optimal service, please read carefully the service request form and please fill it out completely. Only a fully completed service request form and all required documents (copy of purchase receipt, sales invoice, service request formcard) make sure that a smooth processing is possible.

Download the service request and open it in Adobe Reader


If the defect of your device is covered by the warranty, the authorized Service Center will manage the service for you for free within 5 working days depending on availability of spare parts and specified errors.

No warranty:

If the defect of your product is not covered by the warranty, you will receive a cost estimate, which will be sent to you. After your confirmation, the RugGear local Service Center will corresponding the procedure to your specifications. In the case of a repair appointment outside the warranty, the following checklist repair and conditions will be applied.


The user is responsible for stored data, applications and programmes themselves! We would like to point out that during a repair or service performance data (e.g. data, photos, music, settings, etc.) may be lost. Data backup is a service that is not covered under warranty.

Repair conditions

  1. Please fill out the service request form carefully.
  2. Send the defective mobile phone as a package to your local service center. Contact details of your service center can be found here.
  3. The processing time for mobile devices is approximately 5 working days depending on availability of spare parts and specified errors.
  4. If you send a mobile phone without warranty (e.g. outside interference, damage does not meet the specified IP protection classes, fire damage , etc.), you will get a cost estimate. If you agree, the product will be repaired, if you disagree the device will be returned or we will dispose the device for free.
  5. The received customer data will be used exclusively for the service processing.
  6. After your confirmation of the release for the estimate you receive the phone back repaired from us.
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