RugGear is proud to be part of the 4 Extremes exciting expedition!


Andrea and Mike (the brave 4 Extremes Team) are young, dynamic, ambitious and resilient! In the past 9 years, they’ve already experienced 130 000 Km in a four-wheel vehicle through North, Central, and South America in all four seasons, from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

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[Photo sources & copyright: 4extremes and RugGear Europe Facebook pages.]

Their goal for their

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How PTT-enabled rugged phones simplify collaboration

Workers from industrial enterprises and field services rely on multiple devices on a daily basis. They often have to carry various pieces of equipment, including barcode scanners, cameras, walkie-talkies to make sure they’re connected with their colleagues at all times.

However, the introduction of real-time cloud-based communications has changed the scenario, particularly when smart and rugged handheld devices are used.

Smart and rugged smartphones are not ONLY robust enough to face the tough environments, but they allow critical communication to happen in real-time

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Demand for Rugged Phones Expected to Grow by 25%


More and people are expected to switch from the increasingly-fragile consumer smartphones to their ruggedized, more reliable counterparts. According to Channel News Australia, experts estimate the demand for rugged smartphones might increase up to 25% until the summer of 2018.

A small segment up for a great future growth

Research data from CCS Insight shows that the key adopters are mainly workers from industries with outdoors job sites or tough environments (construction, oil & petrochemicals, energy, utilities). Although currently, rugged phones are

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RugGear’s tough RG310 wins GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018

The RugGear RG310 as well as another MOBILE branded IS320.1 have been designated WINNERS in the category of Excellent Product Design – Computer and Communication.

Awarded annually by the German Design Council, the German Design Award honors state-of-the-art entries from the field of product and communication design that stand out for their overall concept, design quality, usability, and functionality as well as technical quality.

The German Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions and has been rapidly growing since

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Ruggear partners with Compunation Technology to lead the charge for the rise of rugged smartphones 

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 OCTOBER 2017 – RugGear, the new generation of smartphones for rugged personal and work lifestyles, has arrived in Malaysia!

Compunation Technology Sdn Bhd, which has been newly appointed sole distributor, is optimistic of good market response as RugGear fills the growing void of unfulfilled demands in Malaysia which has become a primarily outdoor adventure sporting and active lifestyle nation.

The RugGear range of smartphones, created

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Why Rugged Phones are THE BEST choice for Construction Workers

People working in the building industry push their limits, both mentally and physically every day. Their mission is demanding, challenging and very often risky. Communication is vital and the way it’s handled is even more important. A regular smartphone, for instance, would just be another worry added to their task list.

That’s why rugged phones are the only devices built to take all their specific industry need into consideration.

Construction workers need phones that can take a beating, can be operated with

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Every day water damages more than 100,000 Smartphones

According to a recent study completed by International Data Corporation (IDC) in Western Europe*:

More than 100,000 smartphones get damaged by liquids every day.
Accidental Damage is responsible for 95% of smartphone failures.
Droppings on the floor and water submersion are 2 of the most common causes of smartphone damage.

On these grounds, water-resistant smartphones have become a fast-growing segment, for end users, phone manufacturers, carriers, and retailers. The interest for non-water resistant smartphones has declined 17%, while the sales of smartphones that offer

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RugGear exhibits PTT-enabled devices at MWC Americas 2017, in San Francisco

Visit the RugGear booth between 12-14 September to test the newest outdoor mobile phones

San Francisco, September 2017 – RugGear, the world’s top manufacturer of rugged outdoor mobile phones and tablets is pleased to announce its participation at MWC Americas 2017. The company is joining other top 1000 businesses that will display their best up-to-date technologies and the most ground-breaking products available in the mobile ecosystem.

Visitors and delegates will have the opportunity to discuss with the RugGear team about

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mwca17-header - Copy

MWC Americas 2017: San Francisco – global capital of the Mobile industry from 12 to14 September

MWC Americas is a world-leading conference and exhibition of the Mobile industry. It also features a wide series of seminars, events and learning occasions designed to educate and enliven attendees’ enthusiasm regarding the newest trends in the tech and mobile environment.

Experience the mobile ecosystem at its best!

For people interested in the mobile ecosystem, personal data, mobile apps, gaming, connected living, and digital commerce, MWC Americas is undoubtedly a can’t-miss event.

The GSMA embodies the interests of almost 800 mobile operators from

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Why is SAR important when you choose a mobile phone?

What is SAR?
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measures the rate of RF (radio-frequency) energy emitted by a source (such as mobile devices) and absorbed by the human body.
In other words, the SAR level indicates the amount of radiation your head and body are exposed to when using your phone.

For instance, if the phone you’re interested in has the following ratings:
SAR (head) 0.099 W/kg (GSM1800)
SAR (body – worn) 0.301 W/kg (GSM900)
This means your head’s radiation absorption is 0.099 W/kg and body radiation

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