Why is SAR important when you choose a mobile phone?

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Why is SAR important when you choose a mobile phone?

What is SAR?
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measures the rate of RF (radio-frequency) energy emitted by a source (such as mobile devices) and absorbed by the human body.
In other words, the SAR level indicates the amount of radiation your head and body are exposed to when using your phone.

For instance, if the phone you’re interested in has the following ratings:
SAR (head) 0.099 W/kg (GSM1800)
SAR (body – worn) 0.301 W/kg (GSM900)
This means your head’s radiation absorption is 0.099 W/kg and body radiation absorption is 0.301 W/kg.

What SAR level is safe for your phone?

Various governments have defined specific maximum SAR levels for the RF energy emitted by cell phones, for instance in the US, the SAR level limit admitted is 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg). Any mobile device with a SAR below this level is considered “safe”.

Phone manufacturers are required to conduct SAR testings which consist of the worst-case operating conditions for the frequencies used for the models they produce. They also have to include SAR levels for the units on their website and in the phone manuals.
For instance, check out page 24 from RG740 quick start manual and you’ll see the SAR information you need.

How to minimize radiation risks?

Organizations such as the US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization have suggested that if users are worried and wish to reduce their exposure to radiation, they could use hands-free accessories to keep the wireless device away from the head and body during use, or they could reduce the amount of time spent using the device.

Other safety tips to minimize the radiation exposure would be:

  • Use the phone in speaker mode or use a headset
  • Talk less by holding the phone up to your head and text more
  • Make calls only when the signal is strong. Why? Because if the signal is poor, the phone will try harder to make a connection, which means the radiation levels will rise.
  • Keep the phone away from your body (for instance, don’t carry it in your pocket). It’s important to know that even when you’re not using the device, its signal is still on as it is connected to the phone towers in the area, therefore radiation exposure takes place.


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